The artist investigates the connections between writing, imagery and politics. The use of publications is recurring in his work. Não addresses the history of information and  expression of ideas in Brazil, from the operation of clandestine typographies and the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in Rio to the 2013 manifestations in Brazil.

Fabio Morais [São Paulo, 1975] lives and Works in São Paulo. Represented by Vermelho gallery. Recent solo shows: Escritextpográfica, Vermelho [São Paulo, 2017]; Palavras são coisas, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade [São Paulo, 2013]. Participated in Bienal de São Paulo [2010]; Bienal do Mercosul [Porto Alegre, 2011].


Fabio Morais, for whom the book as a support is the starting point for his artistic explorations, was invited to premiere the series.   In a study regarding the history of printing (and of artistic expression) in Brazil, Fabio writes books, gathers references and produces dialogues which cover the theme since the eighteenth century – from the possible arrival of printing companies in the country, and the subsequent prohibition of their existence, up to the authorization for them to operate granted in 1808, as a result of the transfer of the Portuguese royalty to the country – to the censorship period established by the military in the 1964 coup, and to the 2000s, time during which it became evident the instantaneous exchange of ideas and information of the new means of communication.
Fabio starts his work by inverting the physical, traditional arrangement of the book itself: the text commences on the cover, occupies some of its unnumbered central pages, in order to make room for imagery. This imagery constitutes a dialogue in itself: to follow it, the reader should go “back and forth” throughout the book, since the pages have been shuffled. Near the end of this exercise one reaches what would be the book cover, on a central double page, including the answer to the last question of the dialogue: No. Once the dialogue is finished, the text is resumed, to end then on the back cover.


Fabio Morais


ISBN 9788567769004
128 pages
15,5 x 23 cm
300 numbered copies
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