Two are the sources used by the Artist in the elaboration of his works, which are created on various supports: documents and affective memories. In Vinte e cinco, RG interviews characters of the City of São Paulo artistic scene on their 25year life experiences, bringing along plenty of documentation.

Rafael RG [Guarulhos, Sp, 1986] lives and Works in Belo Horizonte. Represented by the galleries Periscópio and Sé. Recent solo shows: Solo Projects, SP-Arte [2017]; Política da boa vizinhança, Artbo 2015 [Bogotá, 2015]; Ficções do arquivo, .Aurora [São Paulo, 2014]; PS: há alguma coisa que você espera de mim, Sé [São Paulo, 2014].


Two are the sources used by Rafael RG in the elaboration of his works: documents and a ective memories. e blending of the latter two results in works that resemble ction. is is so due to the deployment of documents carefully selected in institutional or personal archives in combination with narratives which always have the artist, or his alter ego, as one of the characters.
On combining his own memories with those of artists who had a great in uence on his artistic education (Ivo Mesquita, Paulo Monteiro, and Rochelle Costi), in addition to documents which make reference to compiled information, Rafael RG builds a truthful record of experiences that permeate the 25-year-old lives of each of those characters and leaves the story un nished – or on a blank page – about what took place, what takes place, and what will take place subsequent to this age he considers crucial, owing to a quotation le by the Colombian poet, Andrés Calcedo: Es uma vergüenza vivir más de 25 años en este mundo (“One should be ashamed for living beyond 25”).
The interviews, performed within almost two years, do not seek to reach an end to the stories; for this reason, perhaps, they may even end abruptly. Rafael RG’s speech emerges from the background hues and is dyed in the same tone of the collected information pieces – the purplish reports, documents and memories -, and typography using size 25, and his speech is interlocked with those fonts and that number, which is also present in all pages of the book. At the end, the letter written to the one who inspired the work of the artist seems to free him from the digits, memories and shame for his age, thus resulting in pages to be lled out.


vinte e cinco

Rafael RG


ISBN 9788567769011
128 pages
15,5 x 23 cm
300 numbered copies
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