Her work process makes use of the collection and ordering of objects. Leiner stores up products and gives them another meaning  in visually attractive works whose view and reading are unavoidable. Athlete silhouettes were sorted out from a number of newspapers throughout more than 20 years, and comprise the publication.

Jac Leirner [São Paulo, 1961] lives and works in São Paulo. Represented by the galleries Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, White Cube. Recent solo shows: Institutional Ghost, Irish Museum [Dublin, 2017]; Junkie, White Cube [London, 2016]; Métrica mínima, FDG [São Paulo, 2015]. Participated in: La Biennale di Venezia [1997]; Documenta, Kassel [1992]; Bienal de São Paulo [1983, 1989, 1994, 2000].


O The artist book Atletas 1988-2014 authored by Jac Leirner specially for the series Ponto e vírgula (Semi-colon), and published by Ikrek Edições, is the consequent development of the work performed based on the collection of athlete imagery and its corresponding captions released on Brazilian and foreign newspaper pages which Jac has been compiling since 1988. The set comprising these newspaper cuttings resulted in drawings and collages in the 80’s and 90’s, and works on steel which were shown for the very first time at the Hardware Seda – Hardware Silk exhibit, at the Yale School of Art, in 2012.
Using everyday memorabilia has become a constant feature of Jac’s work. This fact should be taken into account when reading this specific one, since the headlines that have been selected, as a result of the daily reading of newspapers, give a snapshot of the sports events that were under the spotlight at the time, and also map places visited by Jac Leirner.
The book depicts a narrative that is neither linear nor contextualized, although extremely dramatic. This effect is reached by means of three central ideas conceived by the artist:  the absence of the human being figure depicted on the photos, but present in the contours the latter suggest; the prominence given to captions; and, finally, the color that was assigned to the content: blood-red.
Reference to newspaper dates and names are left to the table of contents that can be found at the end of the book; therefore, neither the reading nor the attention that should be given to the figure contours gets distracted. Once this book displays texts in various languages, it is thus not limited to the Portuguese-speaking audience.
The book production process is quite particular: the artist drew, in pencil, the contours on hundreds of newspaper cuttings. Newspapers and drawings were pre-selected based on the parameter of the absence of human profiles that could be clearly distinguished, i.e. the more abstract the contour, the better.  Those contours were subsequently scanned and placed on graphs; captions were treated in such a manner so as to preserve the newspapers font families and the format in which they were published.  At last, the contours which would appear in the publication were chosen.

Atletas: 1988-2014

Jac Leirner


ISBN 9788567769035
128 pages
15,5 x 23 cm
300 numbered copies
Sold out