Alfredo Jaar seeks to raise our awareness about geopolitical issues, very often forgotten or suppressed, without neglecting the formal power and aesthetic power of art. In the work Outros pensam/Otros piensan [Other People Think], a text of John Cage on power relations between the Americas is revealed.

Alfredo Jaar [Santiago do Chile, 1956] lives and Works in New York. Represented by the galleries Goodman, Kamel Mennour, Kenji Taki, Lelong, Lia Rumma, Luisa Strina, Thomas Schulte. Recent solo shows: Shadows, Carpintarias de São Lázaro [Lisboa, 2017]; A política das imagens, Luisa Strina [São Paulo, 2017]. Participated in La Biennale di Venezia [1986, 2007, 2009, 2013]; Bienal de São Paulo [1987, 1989, 2010]; Documenta, Kassel [1987, 2002].


Other People Think [Outros pensam | Otros piensan] is a project by Alfredo Jaar in homage to John Cage on the occasion of the 2012 John Cage Centennial. e project is now translated to a bilingual edition, Portuguese-Spanish.
Written in 1927, Other People ink was delivered by Cage at the Hollywood Bowl where (then a student at Los Angeles High School) he won the Southern California Oratorical Contest. Although Cage was only 15 years old at the time, his essay frames a bold critique and portentous analysis of North and South American relations, and continues to have incredible resonance and relevance to contemporary culture and politics.
As a Chilean artist living in the United States 85 years later, Alfredo Jaar still works with the imbalances of this historically stagnant relationship. Reintroducing this acute text to today’s audience hopes to bring Cage’s teachings, which have yet to be followed, back to light.
From now on, Latin Americans, Portuguese and Spanish speakers, have the oportunity to read this seminal text in their languages.

Outros pensam [Other People Think]

Alfredo Jaar


ISBN 9788567769134
40 pages
18 x 18 cm
1000 copies
R$ 60,00
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