The most recent research of the artist and poet focuses on the voice as a gender activism using music, performance, text and sound installations. She participated in the Solo Shows curatorial Project, in 2015, conceived by the curator Tobi Meyer, including the installation/performance Mastur Bating, from which the book stemmed.

Fabiana Faleiros [Pelotas, RS, 1980] lives and works in São Paulo. Recent solo shows: Mastur Bar, Solo Shows [São Paulo, 2015]; Museu da Polícia Militar, Fundação Joaquim Nabuco [Recife, PE, 2014].


“I already had a bar. The Mastur Bar. To decorate the environment, I hung on the wall some pictures from my Hand Collection. I was obsessed, collecting pictures of people doing things with their hands. Waitresses, Vogue dancers, naked women, hysterics, masturbating women, Beyoncé and Dilma. I placed on the side of the pictures two elevator plates that together formed the phrase “social service”. I like Beyonce. But sometimes she does a lot of military and dance with a ring on her finger. Put your hands up! I even had to do a show-lesson to explain my obsession and find out what’s happening with my hands. “Today we will see how the falling pulse has stopped us. It is that the hand is hanging more in the rest of the body than it is articulated with the arm. Fist is punch and wrist is heart. It’s a useless, hanging hand, careful that it will fall. “I bought a flashlight just like the police, which blinks and focuses a distance of up to ten meters. I held the flashlight with one hand and with the other made shadows on the wall, the ceiling, and the floor. He also aimed the light at the pictures while people danced. I played Single Ladies, Masturbate, and a song by Deise from Injection. Before I explained that “Today we talk to play a song. Or was it always? That’s why I’m as sensitive as a screen. “A microphone was pulling out of the body. The other, of contact, I pasted on the neck with a tape and I connected in a pedal that effects in guitars. But the voice was that it was under its effects. So it’s easy to get out of the body. Of course I had three vibrators, too. Everything was good for the body to vibrate. I had three things on hand, I think. Of course I felt myself with three sticks and pointed the light with them. And he played on the sensitive screen of the cell phone playing on the soundtrack of the show-lesson about the gestures that fix the gender in sex. “The hand that does not touch the body itself is replaced by the doctor’s hand, people, which in turn is replaced by madness and work, by the smartphone.” Besides drinks, wi-fi (password: “masturbate” and very little light, in the bar also had things for people to do with their hands, techniques to establish the connection itself.
Now let’s look at this hereditary chain to get rid of this precarious situation in the history of the falling wrist. It’s about the hands, breasts and clitoris of famous and unknown.”


O pulso que cai [The Pulse Falling]

Fabiana Faleiros


ISBN 9788567769066
120 páginas
15,5 x 23 cm
500 copies
R$ 40,00
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