Débora Bolsoni’s initiatives aim at exploring and interfering in materials and objects of our daily life, particularly those housed in construction sites. Blocado brings along a metallic profile such as the one seen on frames, and a notepad of the approximate size of the Neufert manual, although without any contents in it.

Débora Bolsoni [Rio de Janeiro, 1975] lives and works in São Paulo. Represented by Athena Contemporânea gallery. Recent solo shows: No names, but names [Drawing Lab, Paris, 2017], Para aquietar [Athena Contemporânea, 2017]; Descaracter, Jaqueline Martins [São Paulo, 2016]; Urbanismo geral, Athena Contemporânea [Rio de Janeiro, 2015]. Participated in Bienal do Mercosul [2009].


During her academic education, Débora Bolsoni investigated aesthetic issues through drawing, in the broadest sense of the term; and has, throughout her life, had close contact with stone masons and their materials. Her research – and consequently her works – separates elements from their usual contexts, removing them from a common background, creating narrative analogies. Her pieces are o en the result of an amalgamation of drawing and some items used in civil construction: tiles, bars, points, glass, wheelbarrows etc. Nonetheless, the drawing precedes the work or is found within it.
In Blocked: the art of designing, vol. 1, we observe these elements relativized – and, when pushed to the limit, absent. e title of the work is taken from the manual Art of Designing in Architecture, by Ernst Neufert, very well known among engineers and architects for having systematically united the foundations, norms and prescribed standards for enclosures, buildings, installations and xtures, using the human being as both measure and objective.
Blocked brings a metal section just like a window frame and a pad of paper roughly the size of the cited manual. e window is to be manipulated di erently, and its measurement is altered in function of to what it opens: the book. e corrugated, frosted glass pane from a window is replaced by hotmelt glue that merges ash with non-prescribed contents, creating an opaque, thick surface. Frontal and lateral perspectives; rigidity and exibility; form and function; are relativized pairs when Débora’s work is placed on a shelf unit full of books.


Blocado [Blocked]

Débora Bolsoni

Débora Bolsoni



600 pages
23 x 29 cm
30 numbered and signed copies
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