The Artist operates between the lines of literature and texts. She plays with the words and the notion of time. In the Colouring Book she provides the reader with drawings based on photos of tragic events published on newspapers.

Marilá Dardot [Belo Horizonte, MG, 1973] lives and Works in Lisboa. Represented by the galleries Filomena Soares, Vermelho. Recent solo shows : Interdito, Galeria Filomena Soares [Lisboa, 2017], Guerra do Tempo, Chácara Lane [São Paulo, 2016]; Diário, Sesc Paladium [Belo Horizonte, 2015]. Participated in Bienal de São Paulo [2010].


Colouring books for adults are a recent phenomenon in the publishing market. They have occupied the first places of the lists of books sold and prominent places in bookstores and newsstands. They promise an “anti-stress art therapy” to their consumers. The themes of the books evoke a perfect world, bucolic, magical, religious or ancient: Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, Animal Kingdom, Magic Forest, Garden of Dreams, and Some Nights are some of their titles.
The moment of political, ideological, ethical, economic and environmental crisis in which we live demands a critical confrontation of reality, not an escape into an ideal world. The Colouring Book – Retrospective 2015 appropriates this editorial and behavioral phenomenon to question it. The coloring pictures will be drawings based on shocking photos from the year 2015, published in Brazilian newspapers. As in many other works of Marilá Dardot, this project requires the participation of the other to complete. But here the coloring, unlike an “anti-stress therapy”, provokes the confrontation with a hard reality, often tragic, that we try to forget.
The book aims to question how we receive and accumulate daily information in a homeopathic and often passive way, allowing us to question the very psycho-sphere we create and in which we are inserted.

Colouring Book: 2015 Restrospective

Marilá Dardot


ISBN 9788567769073
160 pages
32 x 21 cm
500 numbered copies
R$ 30,00
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