The Artist is obsessed with storing up and stocking objects full of stories, and he is used to working with what he calls “surface transplant”. In Augusta, he maps the gentri cation of São Paulo City’s famous street.

Thiago Honório [Carmo do Paranaíba, MG, 1979] lives and Works in São Paulo. Represented by Luisa Strina gallery. Recent solo shows: Solo, Luisa Strina [São Paulo, 2017]; Trabalho, MASP [São Paulo, 2016]; Títulos, Paço das artes [São Paulo, 2015].


The book was born from notes, drawings, cartographies, records, sketches, maps, studies and writings originally made 14 years ago, in 2003, in ordinary sheets of paper shackles, related to names and numbers of the establishments of the Augusta street, in the city of São Paulo.
According to Thiago Honório: “a place where the excitement of saunas, concert halls, strip clubs, nightclubs, bars, small tenements, small business and an innumerable diversity of others shops has taught me something about flows and times endowed with an internal logic of their own. ”
After fourteen years, in 2017, the artist returned to Augusta  — street, project, work, book, name, character — and again mapped the names and numbers of the same part of the street. From this movement, the idea of ​​name as erasure is problematized in the Augusta book in the light of questions such as gentrification, real estate speculation, Law No. 14.223 – Clean City, the Cidade Linda project, new features and denominations to which the place would be submitted.
The 500 copies of the book were enumerated, printed on sheets of shackled paper – also in disuse and “extinction” in the market -, which bear the names of the establishments of that strip of Augusta Street and, as numbers of “pages”, the numbers of these establishments, in the first half of the book, mapped in 2003 and in the second half in 2017. For Thiago Honório: “a paper-packing book constructed and composed of numbers and printed names, with title-name.


Thiago Honório


ISBN 9788567769103
128 pages
15,5 x 23 cm
500 numbered copies
R$ 60,00
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