In a partnership with the crosswords and puzzle magazine A Recreativa, the oldest of this genre in the country, operating for more than 60 years in this market segment and distributed to newsstands across Brazil, Ikrek started a new project of print art: the use of the central double page of the magazine to display a work by a contemporary artist. The purpose of this project is to create an artistic intervention on a print medium which does not circulate in the universe of visual arts itself but that takes over the word [and its multiple consequences, including the imaginary ones] as a means of expressing ideas. This does not refer to a special print, or numbered insert. The work uses as support the same paper, print and finishing used in the magazine, thus blending with the latter. Number of artists that have already participated in the project:

Regina Silveira [08/2016]

Gustavo von Ha [09/2016]

Pedro Vieira e Thiago Honório [10/2016]

Anna Bella Geiger [11/2016]

Fabio Morais [12/2016]

Carmela Gross [01/2017]

Ana Luiza Dias Batista [02/2017]

Traplev e Jorge Mena Barreto [03/2017]

Nino Cais [04/2017]

Adriana Aranha [05/2017]

Ricardo Basbaum [06/2017]

Alice Ricci [07/2017]

Marilá Dardot [08/2017]

Arnaldo Antunes [09/2017]

Nazareno [10/2017]

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