Her production includes videos, mail-art, artist’s books and visual poetry. One of its most constant themes is intimacy. X-Range brings visual poems conceived by the artist and photos taken by her at the houses of Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, John Cage and Vito Acconci.

Regina Vater [Rio de Janeiro, 1943] lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Represented by Jaqueline Martins gallery. Recent solo shows: Oxalá que dê bom tempo, MAC Niterói [Niterói, RJ, 2017]; Regina Vater Quatro Ecologias, Oi Futuro [Rio de Janeiro, 2012]. Participated in Bienal de São Paulo [1969].


X–Range was conceived by Regina Vater and originally published in 1970 by Galeria Artemúltiple in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Based on the project’s original version, this reissue aims at putting it back into circulation, for it marks the practices of a given period and became a document by aggregating into a single object not only Vater’s experimental practices, but also the domestic environments of artists like Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, John Cage, and Vito Acconci.

“Work initiated in 1975, in New York. In the X-RANGE I try to pursue, as in other works of mine, the presence in the absence. Across the X-Range I search poetically how the individual or the groups of individuals handle their domestic space.
I think that the choice of personal objects and the way that people distribute them in their private spaces project and reveal themselves in their cultural, social, and psychological conditions.
It does interests me this quotidian poetry that man imprints on his surroundings through his gestures; a disclosure of his manner of being and living.
My work assembles all types of houses of the most varied social, cultural, and economical levels. Up to now I have documented 50 houses; I think this project can be a work in progress. The tracks of the human being, in spite of being provisional prints, are durable as the man very beings (even little remains of everything).
Nothing better than a man’s house to contain the print of his existence. For the house/nid where one lives becomes a miniature cosmos and spreads out one’s ego.”


Regina Vater


ISBN 9788567769134
16 pages
41 x 41 cm
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