The artist has painting as the central support in your work. In this series, from the selection of the “Genios da Pintura” collecting (1968-1969), the artist intervenes on the editions, painting on a chosen image within each book. The intervention of Aline is done in “lots”, collected periodically. Each book will therefore be a unique work.

Aline van Langendonck [São Paulo, 1980]. Lives and works in São Paulo. Main solo shows: Programa de exposições CCSP [São Paulo, 2003].


“Since the beginning of my production in Visual Arts, the History of Art and especially the history of Western painting, provide a source of research that offers the works not only a parameter – to be continued, questioned or denied – of the unfoldings history of language and art, but also affirms itself as power and interlocution. In a back and forth movement, the pictorial universe and history cross my path (they cross me) and inevitably mix with the past, and this movement becomes work that projects towards the, who knows, future .
I therefore proposed to ask in the pages that follow how the articulation of the objects in relation to the planes that produce the illusion of depth, configuring the space in the images. Through this study, I suggested changes in these sensations, and the experience of new spatial relationships, through the addition of layers of paint.
Interferences in images, under the pretext of producing ‘errata’ or ‘corrections’ to the works of great artists, are nourished by the concepts coined by Umberto Eco in ‘The open work’ (although this reference does not constitute the starting point of the process) and Marcel Duchamp in ‘The Creative Act’. I believe that the notions of openness and appropriation, elucidated by Eco and Duchamp, permeate my interests in the process of elaborating Errata, by mixing with history, with open works, in the production of new languages.
In other words, the intention was to make use of fragments of images of paintings, from different times and places, as the images circulate independent of their authors, dialog and remain open to ventilation.
The junction between point of view, spatial experience, culture and history, intertwined in a non-linear and unarticulated form, forms what I call space in the images that make up the Errata. This space is both encounter and dispersion. Encounter of times pulverized in the centuries that separate the thought that forms the images. Meeting poetics and spaces materialized in ink on paper, dispersion of events in both, of what is updated and returns as new in the image. Encounter of colors, re-harmonization of chromatic relations through neutral tones, dispersion of objects and ‘inhabitants’ of images.
The empty (filled with ink), which opens from the formal choices, erasures and syntheses, intends to reconfigure each image.”

Errata [Erratum]

Aline van Langendonck


ISBN 9788567769172
24 pages
26,6 x 35cm
1st. Lote with 34 unique copies
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