IKREK Edições was founded by the brothers Pedro Vieira and Luiz Vieira aiming at promoting and disseminating the production of artist books in Brazil. The book as an artistic support has been exploited for a long time, both domestically and abroad. However, this artistic production has been acknowledged quite recently and in a limited manner, as it inhabits a new space, between the collection, archive and library. There have been many initiatives to make this production more visible, acknowledged and present in a number of the art system venues: from production, through new publishing companies; museums, through specialized collections; to exhibits and fairs, which make them circulate.

The publishing company’s books may be found at public collections, particularly at MAC USP – Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo, which will receive one copy of each book produced.

Information on other collections may be obtained upon contact.

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You can buy the books by contato@ikrek.com.br; by PagSeguro in this website; you also can visit us sending an e-mail to contato@ikrek.com.br or look for our books at our partnerships:

FreeBook Livraria – São Paulo
Galeria Nacional – São Paulo
Inc. Livros – Porto, Portugal
Livraria da Travessa – Rio de Janeiro
Livraria da Travessa IMS – São Paulo
MASP Loja – São Paulo
Nada – Bogotá, Colômbia
Naranja Libreria – Santiago de Chile, Chile
Stet Livros – Lisboa, Portugal
Tijuana – Galeria Vermelho – São Paulo

Ikrek participates on the fairs: [colocar links]
Tijuana São Paulo
Tijuana Rio de Janeiro
Plana São Paulo